Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soviet Tank Captain, 1944

Okay, first post.
This grumpy-looking fellow is a 1/10 scale bust from Young Miniatures, built right out of the box. I used Winsor-Newton oil paints for the face and helmet, but I diverted from my normal regimen by using Vallejo acrylics for most of the jacket and accessories. I tried to copy the skin-patterns I saw on real leather, but on a much smaller scale. It was very tedious work, but I'm pleased with the result. The jacket looks like it has texture, to me at least.
Young Miniatures' 1/10 Soviet Tank Captain

Now for some useless rambling on uniform accuracy... I decided to paint the figure in a military parade style uniform for several reasons. Leather jackets were fairly common at the outbreak of the war, but by 1943 supply shortages made them almost impossible to find in the field. However, the tanker is wearing the post-1943 style uniform, with shoulder boards and a button-up collar. Anyways, I figured it would make sense that the tankers in a parade would be given fresh, nice uniforms to look good for the cameras. I painted the shoulder boards to resemble the embroidered and colorful dress version, with brass stars rather than drab ones.
Anyways, thanks for looking! All comments and advice are welcome!

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