Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SU-100 in Polish Service

Here is DML's SU-100 "Premium Edition" kit, built without much modification aside from the addition of a tank commander from Miniart.
I've built more T-34-based models than I care to admit, so I wanted to do something a bit different with this tank destroyer. To mix things up a bit, I cut off the fenders and decided to put Polish markings on the vehicle. While Poland recieved mostly SU-85 tank destroyers, it did recieve at least two SU-100's. I used only about a third of the photo-etched parts included in the kit, because in some cases the plastic parts look much better than the photo-etch replacements. I also made a small box from plastic sheet to place under the open hatch, to prevent any light from "leaking" out from any holes in the interior.
Painting began with a thin coat of grey primer, followed by a basecoat of 50/50 Tamiya Nato Green and Yellow Green. I then gave everything an overal wash of Winsor-Newton yellow Ochre, which really helps fade the paint in irregular patterns. This brighene the color significantly, and next time I think I'll start with a darker base color. I followed the wash with a pinwash and paint chipping with vallejo acrylics. I used pigments suspended in mineral spirits to add streaking and dustiness all around the hull.

Polish SU-100 in 1/35

The engine deck, built with missing mudflaps.

The fenders were carefully removed with a razor saw.

I tried to make every wheel a different shade of green to create a little visual interest.

This view really shows off the massive 100mm D-10S cannon.

The commander taking a smoke break, leaning on a M. 41 steel helmet.

The figure is from Miniart, and has a head from Hornet, along with a helmet from TANK. I gave him a cigarette made from thin styrene rod, and gave him a little M41 helmet to lean up against. He is painted in oils.

Thanks for looking!

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