Sunday, September 22, 2013

BMP-1 in Chechnya

It's been a long time coming, but I have finally finished up my BMP-1. I used the new Trumpeter BMP-1 as the centerpiece, and seated figures from MasterClub and ANT-Miniatures atop bundles of stowage to mimic some photos I found of the second war in Chechnya.

I bit off more than I could chew with this model.  I cut things short by removing a figure for the sake of my sanity, and there are a few details that I know could be better, but I'm tired of looking at this thing and ready to move on.

The vehicle received some simple detailing. I added a few spare photoetched parts here and there, textured some panels, and added wiring to all the lights and the empty rocket rack above the gun barrel. I also cut the fenders into sections and replaced their mounting loops above the tracks using bent strips of metal. I added a couple of missing or understated weld beads with two-part green putty, and used a twig from outside for the unditching log. The only real aftermarket item I used was a brass antenna mount from RB Model, which does a much better job of holding the antenna/flagpole.

I painted the entire model with acrylics, and did most of the weathering with oils and pigments. I injected epoxie "Magic Water" into the potholes in the asphalt and on random patches to create puddles.

Glad to be finished! All comments and critiques are welcome!


  1. Hi,
    a great come-back.
    amazing model and figures


  2. I love it but I'm glad I'm only doing 15mm Russian vehicles, any chance of an idea of colours I would need to use from Vallejo.

    1. Thanks Francis!
      For Russian Green, just about any shade will do. Vallejo Medium Olive is a damned good 1:1 scale match, so for 15mm vehicles you might want to use something a tad lighter. Yellow Green is a perfect match for what I used for the yellowish color on this model, and Saddle Brown matches the browns, too. Hope this helps, and thanks for looking!

  3. Great work! I hope to see this in Chicago!!

  4. Figures are amazing! Very good composition. Top notch detailing of a camouflage.

  5. Hello, following your job since the beginning, and the result is stunning ! from the ground up to the figures and vehicle, top top !!


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