Friday, July 1, 2011

Big T-34/76 m.1943

This is Trumpeter's 1/16th (or 120mm) T-34/76 built as a summer project in 2008, with a figure from Warriors. I only added a small LED to replace the radio operator's light, with the battery hidden underneath the ammunition boxes. I used acrylics to paint the tank, with a few washes and lots of filters, using W&N oils. The figure was painted with the 'oils over acrylics' method, and I also needed to have his shoulders resculpted because of the airbubbles in the resin. I appreciate the help of Mike Bedard and Steve Jantscher with the photos, and to my Dad for letting me store it on a full shelf in his display cabinet.

 I finished the 540-part model over the course of 2 months, thanks to the great fit and well-engineered moldings. I did, however, replace the unimpressive seats with ones I made from copper wire and leftover parts. The hardest part of the whole project was how techniques used on my other tanks, all in 1/35th, looked unrealistic on the larger model.

I added a light to help make the interior more visible.

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  1. Excellent work. The LED really brings it to life but I think it needs a night diorama


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