Sunday, December 18, 2011

ML-20 Howitzer

On the second day of August, 1944, a 152mm ML-20 Howitzer became the first artillery peice to fire into German territory in WWII. I was unable to find any distinguishing features on this individual historic gun, so this model is representative (albeit loosely) of that weapon.

Here's the Trumpeter ML-20 model 1937 152mm Howitzer, built out of the box. I don't like building as much as I like painting, so artillery is a little out of my comfort zone... especially the high part-count artillery. This is one of those kits. I don't like these kits.

 I distracted myself from the huge part count by making some scenery. I used some twigs to represent roots and dead fall. The base is celluclay, and the plants are from the train scenery company Busch. I painted and weathered the base with acrylic paints applied with an airbrush.

The ammo boxes and shells are from Miniart. I was too lazy to put the decals on the ammo and boxes... maybe someday I'll do it. Probably not.

 I used a large amount of AK Interactive products for the dust and mud effects. I could live without them, but they are a very convenient time saver when it comes to mixing washes and filters. Give them a shot if you get the chance.

 This is the same gun that is found in the SU-152 and ISU-152, although the self-propelled gun versions used a different mount.

Thanks for looking! All comments are welcome.


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