Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2S3 Akatsiya

Here is my latest green box on tracks: Trumpeter's new 2S3 "Akatsiya" 152mm SPG. I built this kit out-of-the-box; it's my first unmodified model in a long time.

I had been hitting several speed bumps on some other projects, so I opted to build this kit as fast as possible, just to get the "finishing bug" out of my system. My goal was to complete the kit in one week, from shrink-wrapped box to finished product. It wound up taking me eight days. Close enough.

My self-imposed time limit led me to take a handful of shortcuts. I overlooked most of the smaller details, which hurts the overall appearance but kept me focused on speedy completion.

My inspiration for the project came from this photo, which is on page 29 of the F.A.Q 2 book by Mig Jimenez. I loosely imitated the camouflage scheme by masking each layer with Silly Putty.

Now, back to my real projects! Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Kyle!
    Good to read you again!
    I love this model! You've made it in 8 days and it is outstanding! I love the work you've done and every single detail of this tank is enjoyable and fine! :)
    Keep going!

  2. hi,
    great work. I'm not an expert of modern models but your use of color is superb.
    When you look at the real photo of the vehicle, we see that the camouflage is more blurred, and your model the coloring is right more square.


  3. hello kyle, what a fast work!, I would be unable to do a masterpiece in such few days, congrats!!


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