Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 It has been a while since I updated anything here, so I thought it was time for a quick show-and-tell. This is Trumpeter's BMP-1 kit, with an assembly of Russian soldiers riding on the back deck. The figures are from Master Club, and the stowage is a mixture of Verlinden, Jay's Work, and (mostly) scratchbuilt materials.

There will be between four and six figures riding on the top of the tank, however the remaining figures haven't arrived in the mail just yet.

These are my inspiration photos. I'm not going to be following them 100%, but I want to capture the general appearance.


  1. that one is going to be a blast, Kyle!

  2. hello Kyle, another super project, the poses of the soldiers are great

  3. This is going to rock, Kyle!
    Man you're gonna have fun with this!
    I'm staying tuned! :)

  4. It's wonderful work,although it's redundant to say so. In addition, the thing very interesting to me is icon of Group of Soviet Force in German still bearing on the turret. I can understand why it's still there. It's such a glory to the unit.


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