Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BMP-1: WIP pt. 2

What? I'm still working on this project?
I know, I know. I'm getting close to being finished with this project, but I'm far enough away that I felt the need to share some photos to fool myself with illusions of forward progress.

I have been working on this vehicle and its figures for a solid 3 months now, and I'm itching to wrap the project up--if  it takes too much longer, I'm gonna have to start learning their names. The figures and the stowage have taken at least twice as much time to reach this stage as the tank, but I think this is because it has been a long time since I painted more than one figure at a time. I am now firmly in the "assembly line" mindset for figures, just in time to begin a collaborative effort with Roman Volchenkov.

Regarding the figures, there are a lot of small details (and not-so-small details) that need more attention: rifle straps, weapons, hat pins, and footwear are mostly unfinished. One unlucky frontovik suffered from some overzealous oil paint blending on his face and has had the troublesome appendage removed for a do-over. Once these details are finished, I'll spend more time on the stowage, finish the tank with some tracks, weather the whole vehicle and figures together, and then get then display it on a scenic base or simple diorama. Hopefully by then I won't be seeing flora-pattern camouflage in my sleep.

As always, I'm very receptive to comments and suggestions! After all, at this stage, I'm very willing to change things!


  1. Hey Kyle! Good to read you again! I've been missing this!
    I love the figures! They look authentic and I totally understand the huge amount of work needed to reach that level of details! This is perfect!
    Too bad for the oil-faced last buddy... Things like that happen!
    Keep going!

    1. Thanks as always, Alex!
      I'll be done with this soon, I hope. I'm getting tired of looking at it, but I think everything will pay off. =)

  2. Very nice work indeed! I agree with Alex, the figure work is superb.
    All the best!

    1. Thanks, AJay! I'm blown away by your aviation artwork; my kits feel like glorified coloring books by comparison. Thanks for the feedback!


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